Trackie McLeod's work takes a social
anthropological look at Britain,
on pop, lad and subculture. Documented
through photography
and video, his ideas
often then take form in sculpture,
installation and textiles.

Trackie is inspired by giving context to his
memories, past and present while 
and documenting his own
narrative as a working class queer male
in Glasgow.
+44 (0)7718951398


The Online Art Show:, 03.20

When Shit Hits the Fan, Guts Gallery
@gutsgallery Instagram, 03.20

Nike Lab, Shoreditch, London 07.19

WEANS WORLD, The Design Weans
16 Nicholson Street, Glasgow 07.19

Design Weans Take Over, Design Weans
@designweans Instagram, 06.19

As Long As I Can Hold My Breath
Sun In My Eyes Collective
59 Chilton Street,  London, 05.19

Knowlege & Understanding
Bloc Glasgow, 10.18

So What Now?
GSA Degree Show

The Glasgow School of Art, 06.18

Brainstorm presents: I'M FINE

Copeland Park & Bussey Building,  London, 12.18

Work In Progress,
Communication Design
Reid Building,
The Glasgow School of Art, 12.18

Epilogue 3/4,
BAAD, Glasgow, 06.17

Where People Sleep presents:

Things We Don't Understand
West Princes Street